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PC Auto Import is a full-service car import company based in Amsterdam. The Netherlands has one of the worlds most complicated tax systems on cars, therefore professional advice is highly recommended. The founder of PC Auto Import; Paul Coenen LL.M. is a lawyer specialized in car taxes. We daily advise Dutch expats in Tax Free car import or how to reduce taxes. Furthermore we take care of the entire import process, hence no need for unnecessary worries!
Why choose for PC Auto Import?
  • We are experts in Tax Free car import for removal goods. Price from € 750,- incl. VAT
  • Founded by a lawyer specialized in car taxes BPM law, motor vehicle tax and VAT.
  • 16 Years of experience with car import.
  • We speak English and German.
  • Pickup and delivery at your home or office (only with full-service import).
  • We own a car-leasing company in Germany therefore expats are able to drive a car with German registration without the Dutch car taxes.
  • Customized and low pricing, cause every situation is different. If you would like to receive a specified offer, please do contact us.
  • PC Auto Import is also specialized in refunds of BPM by export.
In a number of situations expats will be granted an exemption. In that case you are not liable for bpm. The following summary sets out the main exemptions:
  • Exemption for removal goods. If you are moving from another country to the Netherlands.
  • Employer’s exemption. A permit which allows you to drive a motor vehicle with foreign number plates in the Netherlands.
  • Exemption when moving out of the Netherlands. Conditions and application for exemption for moving abroad and apply for an exemption from customs duties, turnover tax and bpm for a newly purchased motor vehicle.
  • Exemption during temporary stay in the Netherlands. Only for a maximum of 2 weeks you are allowed to drive a motor vehicle with foreign number plates that is at your disposal.
  • The entrepreneurs scheme. For entrepreneurs who own a delivery van.
Please contact us for further questions or information.
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